//Why Shopify Is Popular in The UK

Why Shopify Is Popular in The UK

To run a successful company online today in the UK requires having a website. For an e-commerce company, it takes more than just a site for your company to be able to make profits. Shopify has been helping new online companies in the United Kingdom to play a part in the global market by providing the perfect trading environment. According to statistics, more new companies still choose Shopify as their e-commerce platform of choice because of the following;

  • The platform is user-friendly

A high number of online investors are people who have never been to an e-commerce class at all. However, Shopify is giving them the opportunity to build their websites through simple instructions. The kind of dashboard that this platform has is user-friendly so that it only requires someone who is good at reading and understanding instructions. Additionally, it provides other applications that you can use to build a customized management system for your company that is easier for you to understand.

  • Access to various distribution channels

With high competition in the e-commerce industry, it becomes difficult only to sell products through a single platform. Shopify has been helping companies to access new markets through various distribution channels. In the United Kingdom, many companies that use Shopify opt to integrate it with Amazon which is also a vast market. The reason why this kind of integration is common in the UK is that Amazon is an entirely new boundary with customers who have been loyal for ages. By pushing your company to such a place will allow you to access a fresh market.

  • It is secure

One of the features Shopify has that beats most e-commerce platforms is that it offers free hosting services to their users. The best part is that Shopify has e-commerce customized servers designed to accommodate e-commerce activities. That means that the servers are designed to ensure that your website is always loading fast and is protected from hackers.

  • Pre-designs for customization

Web design can be a problem for many people but not with Shopify. This platform comes with pre-designed websites that you can easily edit to get the face you want for your sites. You can also change things like colors and fonts plus you can easily add and remove content,


With such an important feature, Shopify can help your company grow to higher levels without having to spend so much. However, you should know that there is a 14-day free trial period that you can use to learn and understand your way around.

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